What’s up with Bitcoin, anyway?

Most people have no idea what a Bitcoin is. Those who do think it’s some sort of “dark internet” enterprise for hackers and weirdos. And the fact that most current Bitcoin companies don’t speak to the general population in regular English doesn’t help, either.


Enter: The Winklevoss Twins

These guys – Olympic rowers, serial entrepreneurs and early-adopters – were among the first to see the promise (and profits) Bitcoin could represent. While building their Bitcoin ETF, they realized that what was missing from the ecosystem was a US-based bitcoin exchange. When New York became the first state to lead the charge to regulate the virtual currency, they decided this would be the home for a bitcoin platform not for hackers or weirdos, but for regular people. When they came to us with the idea, we knew it was going to be huge. So we worked with them to give the platform a brand that would get the general population excited.


Balance + Duality

The name “Gemini” fit perfectly with the platform because it reflects both the business and its founders. It’s great for the business because banking – virtual or otherwise – is all about balance: a seller, a buyer, and a place they can come together and do the deal… which is where Gemini comes in. And because the founders are twins, the latin reference makes for a nice inside joke.


Fresh + Established

Most financial institutions convince you they’re established and trustworthy by being really boring… dark wood walls, navy blue logos, that sort of thing. Gemini needed to feel like a new, innovative company and still established and trustworthy for its consumers. Gemini represents the happy place between the evocative nature of technology and the security you'd expect from your bank.


Seamless + Transparent

In order to gain trust from future clients, we needed every aspect of the exchange to be as flawless and user-friendly as possible. To make this happen, we created a brand to work seamlessly on all fronts, from the brand voice to the responsive web design, CMS and everything in between.